Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Montreal Trip, Day 2: Downtown, Rue Sherbrooke, McGill University, and (of course) Graffiti.

Mostly took care of business in regards to the immigration visa and tried to figure out the transportation systems. All the signage is in French but we are managing everything okay. Most people here are bilingual so that helps out a lot.

We made a trip to "Rue Sherbrooke" in Downtown Montreal to take care of the medical exam the hubby was required to take before his interview at the consulate. We were both nervous and it took for what seemed like forever, but it's over and done with. We can relax for a few days now. 

We wandered the neighborhood a bit and had lunch outside at a nice little bistro. There are several beautiful buildings, a couple of which had thick, green vines growing up along the sides to the top of what looked like multi-story buildings. Very pretty. 

This one kept drawing my attention every time we walked by it. It's the Strathcona Music Building at McGill Univeristy

We did a bit of shopping (fun shopping and then, ick, grocery shopping). And, of course, we stopped at Tim Horton's twice today. I really wanted to go to Horton's again this evening, but I am trying to learn restraint. Plus it started raining. Things are so hot and dry at home, it's been a while since I have seen a good drench. Wish I could bring it back with me! 

Another thing I've noticed even before I arrived (thanks to Google) is the graffiti. It's anywhere and everywhere and on anything! Here is one I found tucked in an alley behind the Tim Horton's near our hotel:

At first glance I thought it was Pikachu, but as I approached it I realized it was Gir from Invader Zim. He is so cute; my favorite one so far!

If it's not raining tomorrow, we may go geocaching. It will be my first international find! Otherwise, it may just be hanging in the hotel to read or watch more of Canada's Worst Driver or Canada's Worst Handyman. 

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