Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Montreal Trip, Day 3: Geocaching Adventure in Dorval.

Today we decided to go geocaching in the neighborhoods behind our hotel, which is actually not in Montreal. We are staying in a neighboring area called Dorval and we are very pleased with our choice because it is a very beautiful city. Geocaching give us an opportunity to explore areas that we normally wouldn't be able to see, and the cache hunt here took us to some pretty places. Dorval has several little city parks that are very well maintained and absolutely a pleasant to be in. I wish we had a place like their aquatic Walters Park back home!

I hadn't blogged much about geocaching yet, but it's a new hobby and we are still noobs. With that being said, we didn't find as many caches as I hoped we would. We hunted six, but only found one.

The first cache we hunted was the one we did find. It was tucked away in a little area called Windsor Park. I kinda fell in love with that place.There weren't many people around except for what looked like a man with his wife and he was treasure hunting himself with a metal detector. We looked around, sat on a few different benches and took in the serene scenery. Then we found our first Canadian cache! This was also my first international cache.
Windsor Park - Dorval, QC

After that we tried to find a few more along the shoreline of Lake St. Louis, but no luck. They are there but we are still nooblets. We still had good fun, got some exercise, and got to explore a very pretty place. Here are more of our photos:

Dorval Library and Cultural Center

Lake St. Louis 

And last but not least, as we were walking along on the sidewalk back to our hotel, we were passed from behind by the Google Street View car and cameras! TWICE! So there is no doubt that Google users viewing the Dorval area will more than likely see our backsides. The hubby and I found that extremely amusing and he even tried to photobomb it the second time. So we are looking forward to see if we made the cut on Google Maps Street View!

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