Saturday, February 4, 2012

Easy S'mores "Trail Mix." No Bake, No Mess!

Quick, easy, and no mess! Serve them in cup, throw them in a baggie for a snack on-the-go. So easy to throw together if you are in a hurry or just plain lazy. The best thing about it, kids can make these on their own, too!

I got this idea from the Girl Scouts booth at our local Kindergarten round-up a while back. A friend of mine was wandering around eating something out of a litte paper cup. When I asked her what it was, she replied, "It's smores! In a cup!" I thought, "AWESOME!"

My family loves this snack and they are also good in school lunches. Here are the 3 easy-peasy ingredients:


Golden Grahams Cereal

Mini white marshmallows

Hershey's Milk chocolate chips (I like to use the semi-sweet sometimes for myself, that's why they are in the picture.)

Dump in a big bowl and mix it up! That's it!

It's your preference on how much of each you want to mix. I like equal parts. If you are a marshmallow fan, then mix in more marshmallows! More chocolate chips if you are a chocolate lover!

I like to make small batches at a time because we don't eat too much at once and the cereal gets stale. But you can mix it all together and store in a big air-tight container if you want.

Since my son has peanut allergies and multiple nut allergies, this is a great snack that he can have**. Of course, I always read the labels to make sure I use ingredients that are safe for him. I store them in our wonderful Safe Keepers containers. He knows the green containers have food that is safe for him to eat. 

**So a little disclaimer: As with all food allergies, it will  be up to you or the parents discretion to use the ingredients listed above. This is just for informational purposes to help you decide if this will be an appropriate food for you or your child. ALWAYS READ THE LABELS FOR FOOD ALLERGENS! Even if it is something they have eaten before. If you are still nervous about it (like we all are ^_^ ), then you can opt for Enjoy Life brands or other products that are dedicated to making nut and peanut free chocolate chips.

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