Monday, August 8, 2011

Montreal Trip, Day 1. First Order of Business: Tim Hortons

Might as well call it Crack.
After a two-hour car ride with no air conditioning in 100+ degree heat and then boarding 2 stuffy small airplanes, we had traveled for over 9 hours before arriving shortly after 7pm EST at our final destination: Montreal, Quebec, Canada. First order of business after clearing customs: Tim Horton's.

We found my nearest haven of coffee goodness in the airport (of course). The funny thing is, we were directed to it by a simple printout sign taped to the front of an information booth. It was a regular 8.5 x 11 white sheet of paper that read:
 "<--Tim Horton's

Kudos for catering to my priorities, Montreal. Score one for you. Apparently everyone else thinks it's important, too, if a homemade sign is needed at the information booth. Not to mention, it was listed above "taxi." I love Canada!

My husband knows exactly how I worked and headed in that direction. It was like a beacon of happiness when I saw that big, red "Tim Horton's" name. And even more better, there was NO LINE (*shocked*). Hubby ordered me an iced capppucinno, or an "Ice Cap" as he calls it. I have been waiting a very long time to get my hands on another one of those- and it was more delicious than I remember!

I've been suppressing my Timmy Ho cravings back home in the U.S. thanks to my sweet, wonderful supplier: my hubby. Every time he went back home to Edmonton he would stock up on cans of their delicious fine ground coffee. His mom is even nice enough to hook me up every now and then.

But this week I can enjoy Tim Horton's in it's natural habitat, and I am happy. Lucky me, there is one only a block from our hotel. Guess where I will be spending most of my money during this trip!

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