Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A-kon 23 Excitement!

Project A-kon, my Sanctuary of Acceptance.

A-kon 23 is this weekend. HUZZAH! The husband and I are super stoked because we didn't have to opportunity to go last year. It's been 2 years since I've had my ultimate raging nerd fest and I am in need of being with thousands others of my own kind (but for the love of god, use soap and deodorant DAILY!). Plus we have a good group going this year and that always makes the best cons. The husband hasn't had the opportunity to go with a group like this, or with my brother (finally going back after a long dry spell!), so it's a new excitement for him.

This year's theme is Yokai. So many costumes I could have worked on, but it's been a crazy, busy year. Like I always say, "There is always next year!" But it still never happens. I started drafting a Harrowed Mage costume from Dragon Age Origins, even started buying materials. Sadly it's not even put together. So going back to what I always say...

At least I still have my Final Fantasy XI Alchemist Apron. It's my "go-to" for A-kon costumes. Speaking of other A-kon projects, I want to get my photo galleries from past cons up and running again.

The glorious A-kon Circle of Mages have an extreme amount of awesome events lined up, like great panels (of course), Cosplay Chess (want to see), Anime Hell (my eyes still burn from 3 years ago), Steampunk stuffs, dances, Neko Maid Cafe, a Spirit Walk, Scavenger Hunt (which I never have done but always want to!). My husband is lucky, he's been to three different anime conventions: A-kon in Dallas; Animethon in Edmonton, AB; and Otakuthon in Montreal, QC. He says that A-kon is the BEST anime convention because it has so much to offer.

But best of all A-kon 23 will host an Assassination City Roller Derby Demo. O_O That alone is freaking awesome! Because I am thinking of joining my local Roller Derby Team. That's right, I said it. I'm dying to get out there and get my shove on. More to come on that story later. :P Been "training" a bit. Already my body is hurting ~ YAY!

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