Saturday, May 12, 2012

Portal Companion Cube Wedding Shower Cake.

Bakery that made it had no clue what the heck it was supposed to be. Ha!

I've been meaning to post pics of the Companion Cube cake my co-workers gave me for my in-office Bridal Shower ever since... uh..well, lol, Spetember of 2010. Ha ha! Better late than never!

Only one other person in the office knew what the Companion Cube was and that's only because of me being a super dork  at work (and maybe because I have a paper craft Companion Cube sitting on my desk). So trying to keep it a big secret, but not knowing what it was or even how to describe it to a bakery (whom also had no clue what it was) must have been quite a challenge for the rest of them. Teehee, how funny! I love it! But with that being said, I think it turned out great considering. It was also a teensy little bit awkward during the party because everyone in the room was in a low whisper asking, "What the hell is that thing? o.O" HAHA! I'm socially awkward anyway, but it's no matter because that made me love the cake even more! *Loner Nerd Victory Stance*

The shower was a total surprise; I didn't have a clue. Since I was unable to get the wedding cake of my dreams (3 Tier white cake with a FFXI Red Mage Cake topper or a Companion Cube), my best-est buddy at work was sneaky enough to arrange for me to have one anyway. And that was perfect enough for me :)

The best thing about it though:  it was Italian Cream. :) Yummlies.

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