Monday, July 19, 2010

Boys Flannel Hockey Pajamas using New Look Pattern 6131.

I made these flannel Hockey PJs for my son last November and just realized that I never posted a picture of them! Now, I'm not a master seamstress, but this project was pretty easy. A bit time consuming for me because I was learning a few new techniques that I have never worked with before, like button holes (I used blue buttons, see them? lol).

First off, I made a "mock-up" with the shirt pattern out of an old ninja turtle bed sheet. I do that on some projects as a test and it helps me see my mistakes so I don't ruin the actual project. I had a few old sheets in my towel closet that I've been using, but I hear Muslin works good for that too because it's inexpensive. The Ninja Turtle shirt looks incomplete on the inside because I didn't follow the instructions like I was supposed to (hence why I do the mock-up in the first place!), but it turned out to be a cute little shirt too.

And look! The pj shirt also has a cute pocket on the right side of the picture, with the word "hockey" right in the middle! Considering the print on the fabric, you can't see it very well. I am very proud of that cute, little pocket tho!

Here is the pattern information: New Look 6131.

I had to use a different size for the top than the bottoms because, like every child, he wasn't going to fit in just one size. Also, since the pants were elastic AND drawstring, I made them a couple of sizes bigger and an with adjustable leg hems so he can grow into them. I also made the shirt bigger too.

As for the kiddo's approval? He loves them! They are very soft, comfy, and he loves wearing them around the house. This was probably the very first sewing project I finished that was nearly flawless. I am very proud of them and they were easy to make!

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