Friday, October 2, 2009

University of Florida prepares for Zombie Apocalypse.

They have a plan. We should all have a plan! Which reminds me: I've been toting around a copy of Max Brooks' "The Zombie Survival Guide" in my bag for almost 2 weeks now. I bought it months ago in Edmonton and have yet to read it. Guess I need to get my butt in gear!

Doug Johnson, the manager of UF's e-Learning Support Services, is the man behind the plan. He didn't realize his fun little project was going to gain the media's attention but the story has now made it's way to the The Gainsville Sun, The Miami Herald, and MSNBC.

I found this very entertaining and all the people posting negative comments on those sites just need to lighten up. There's always some jerk out there that's going to berate anyone for anything. I think it was a fantastic idea! It was for humorous purposes, aka NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! Geez, some people just need to go out and get drunk. Besides it was written on the authors own time, no college funding was wasted, and the recovery plan was promptly removed from UF's website before it gained popularity. (click here to see for yourself).

With that being said... I'm opening my Zombie Survival guide. Thank You Max Brooks, and thank you, too, Doug Johnson, for having a sense of humor.

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