Friday, June 19, 2009

Show me a /dance! Final Fantasy Dance Command Screenshots.

Nice moves there, Hero :P  
(Roddik, Nanaja, and Troloand from Kujata/Valefor)

Not Ake's signature dance move "Little Teacup" *uber phail* but showing some super-cute pimp style!
(Akeda from Kujata/Valefor)

K-Ray - He does his own thing...
(Jejien, Kingray, Erim from Kujata/Valefor)

...Like his "Pervert Shuffle." I barely knew him then...
(Kingray, Destinye from from Kujata/Valefor)

Pre-Beseiged Dance-off!
(Kingray, Erim, Meabh, Destinye, Phoenyx from Kujata/Valefor)

(Kingray from from Kujata/Valefor)

Pft, Laila you gettin' served!
(Kingray, Destinye from Kujata/Valefor)

Fun with /dance motions and fireworks! (aka Besieged Boredom)
(Kingray, Destinye from Kujata/Valefor) 


Ray Ray said...

I love the screenies I still remember the day I came and danced for you when I barely knew you :D we went off to farm flintstones it was fun :D

Lainy said...

Yeah, I was really bummed that day and you came all the way out to Basty just to cheer me up :D That was a big brownie point for you!