Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Favorite Quotes from Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson.

This book had me rolling with laughter. I definitely want to continue the series.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"Father," I said, "you have to help me."
"I'll be glad to help but I'm not a priest."
"I'm going to hell, and I didn't do a damned thing to deserve being damned. Except for that whole double homicide thing. But it was an accident! Plus, I should get points for saving Justine and her mom."
"I said I'm not a priest, miss. I'm the janitor. And this isn't a Catholic church--we're Presbyterians." -- pg 25

"I should shove my my fingers into his windpipe! Up his ass! Around his--" --pg 83

"I was fast, I was strong, I was...I was SpiderVamp!-- pg 84

"The thing that terrified me the most were zombie movies. After watching Resident Evil I had nightmares for a week. It was ironic, because now I was one of the unkillable monsters." -- pg 101. I mostly like that one for the R.E. reference :)

"I became gloriously transformed in 1972."
"That explains the nails and the bell bottoms."
"These are in again!" she nearly screamed, pointing to her Gap knockoffs. --pg 113

"If you ever- ever- accuse me of being prejudiced again, I will knock you on your fat ass. If you've got a problem with someone who treated wrong, go take it out on them." --pg 180

"I'd never talked to a former prostitute before. Oh, the questions I had! How was the money? Were the pimps as bad as they seemed in the movies? Was there a dental plan? .... Was pregnancy considered an on-the-job hazard by OSHA?" --pg 181


Mercy's Maid said...

Glad you liked it. I'll send you the next in the series one of these days when I finally get around to reading it. My book club is running me ragged with assigned reading! ;)

Lainy said...

Well you know me, I'm in no rush atm :P