Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yesterday's flights.

Yesterday was really exciting! For the first time in YEARS, I am on vacation!! Waiting it out too was horrible! I felt like a 6 year old waiting for Christmas to slowly come.

I was scared to fly again, because it's been over 12 years since I've been on an airplane. But I got extremely excited once that plane started speeding up for take off. And i got to do that for 3 flights yesterday! All my flights departed on time and arrived early. I had about an hour and a half layover in DFW, and about 40 minutes at the Denver International Airport (which I'm not too fond of that airport btw, it had a funny smell). The seating was extremely cramped in the first two flights, but the small jet that took me from Denver to Edmonton was really nice and roomy.

It was a good day for travel too. The skies were clear or partly cloudy until we neared the Edmonton area. I got to see the Rockies from above :) And I saw some really big canyons and such, but the clouds started to cover most of the view at that point.

Descending into Edmonton was a good experience. I could tell that most of my co-passengers were Canadian because at they would look out the window and see patches of snow on the rooftops or ground (it was about 1C, or about 33F with some snow flurries when we landed) and they would go "EWE snow!" and make nasty faces and sigh heavily. Me on the other hand, I was as giddy as an overly excited child and thinking "YAY!! Snow, cold weather, NO heat/humidity and Ray is down there waiting for me!" And there was a poor 2-year-old on the plane that DID not like that seatbelt and all I could do was smile and feel sorry for the lil guy...and was ready to yell at anyone annoyed by it and say "Leave that poor baby alone, he's just scared!" But even with all that going on, my heart was thumping with excitement when the plane landed; I was FINALLY on foreign soil!

Going through customs was very uncomfortable. It wasn't comfortable at all having security go thru my underwear and personals at the first airport, but even MORE uncomfortable to be interrogated by 3 different parties, have them search through ALL my stuff, and ask me all kinds of personal questions. I understand why they do it, but wow, it was the most unpleasant experience (aside from a root canal!) I'm not looking forward to having to go thru it again when I go home.

But going thru that mess was totally worth it! When I was finally released (without going through a full body cavity search or detained as a weirdo), I walked out to see the sweetest, bestest boyfriend waiting for me with white roses and peanut butter yum yums!

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Mercy's Maid said...

I'm truly surprised that you weren't detained for being a weirdo. :P