Friday, May 22, 2009

Edmonton, AB - Day 4: Movies and a Walk.

Been a pretty relaxing day so far. We decided before I came to Edmonton that we would go see Terminator Salvation during my visit. And so we did. I quite enjoyed it, way better than the last one. The theater was huge and no rowdy crowd!!  Texarkana theaters seriously need to fix that wild teenage obnoxiousness. Maybe of the town would actually build something for kids to DO than it wouldn't be so bad. Ugh, anyway, I'm not getting on that soap box.
Before the movie started, we walked to a Roots store. I love Ray's Roots shirts, they are soft and nice. I bought myself my own, but little does he know that I'm still gonna wear his. Haha! I'm wearing it now actually!! 

Not much else happened. We went back to the casino for dinner, I also met his grandparents there. Afterwards he took me to MIll Creek Ravine. He bikes there a lot. It was a very beautiful place. We walked and talked and took some pictures. :D

That's our shadows on the bridge :P

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