Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Edmonton, AB - Day 2: Whyte Avenue, University of Alberta, and Some Malls.

Ray took me up and down Whyte Avenue in the Old Strathcona district. We went to a lot of neat shops and a few bookstores. This is where that Warp 1 Comics shop is located. Ended up buying a few things from a bookstore called Chapters and I got some coffee at a chain called Second Cup. It wasn't very good.
Whyte Ave^
We went to the University of Alberta to hunt down a bookcrossing zone. Ray thought it might have been the Hub, but come to find out that the Hub is not the S.U.B (Student Union Building). We decided we'd try the next day on the way to West Edmonton Mall. BUT! I'm glad we went to the Hub anyway, because it was a dormatory/mall :O  

See the windows on the side? Those are dorm rooms. It's really just a lot of convenience store type shops and fast food. I ended up eating my lunch there, I got a Sukiyaki Beef bowl at a place called Edo Japan. There are several in Edmonton, and it was very tasty.

I visited two malls, Kingsway Garden Mall (where we went to the Oilers store and bought Josh a mini hockey stick!) and Bonnie Doon mall. Ray also took me on a scenic drive while going to Kingsway mall. I'll post pics in another post.

That's all we did around town. Then we mostly stayed back at his place and played some Wii bowling :P

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