Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The healing power of toothpaste! Use it to soothe a burn.

I did something really stupid last night *go figure* I am just like my mother when it come to clumsiness in the kitchen.

Last night I was in quite a hurry to get dinner finished because I had to be somewhere afterwards. I was trying to boil a pot of water on a front stove burner when I realized that I had lit the back burner instead. My first reaction when I realized that I had the pot on the wrong burner was "crap, stick it on the back burner so it will get to boiling!" Now, I have a habit of turning the pot handles inwards or towards the back of the stove so that me or someone else doesn't accidentally knock it off, or worse yet, the kiddo come by and try to grab it. So guess where the handle was? It was hovering over the now red hot burner, that's where! And did it not occur to me to get the stupid oven mitt? Gosh no, I was in too much of a hurry. So like a fool, I grabbed the handle. ........ Yeah, stupid. I know. So anyway, I ended up burning my middle, ring, and little fingers on my left hand.

And they HURT!! Omg did they hurt! I heard to never put ice on a burn, so I tried running cool water over them instead, but I was still in pain. The sunburn aloe stuff I had didn't help because it might have had Lanolin in it. I didn't have any burn cream at all, so I asked the boyfriend to look up some home remedies on the internet. Now, I have heard somewhere that a raw potato works well, but I didn't have any on hand. That was one of the options on a list that he found (I don't remember the name of the website tho, sorry). Another suggestion was... yellow mustard?? Who would have thought? Kinda icky, so I scanned the list and came across..... toothpaste! For real? toothpaste? How? My poor fingers were so sore that I couldn't even bend them and I needed something fast. Morphine might have worked nicely. But since I didn't have that option either I decided to go with the toothpaste because 1.) It wouldn't stain my hands or clothes mustard yellow and 2.) It has a more appeasing smell. So I marched into the bathroom and squeezed out a liberal amount on each finger and gently rubbed it enough to cover the burned areas. And o m g, it worked! The pain immediately went away and I was totally stoked about it! I kept the toothpaste on for about 15-20 minutes, then gently washed it off so I could eat dinner. And they never hurt again after that.

Good thing to know if any of you or your kids get a minor burn :)


Mercy's Maid said...

I burned my hand taking a pizza out of the oven yesterday. It hurt for a little bit and bubbled up, but then it stopped hurting.

Then in the night last night I must have knocked the blister off of it. I noticed it was hurting and when I got up this morning it was all bloody.

I will have to try the toothpaste trick sometime.

Lainy said...

Ewe that's harsh! Mine didn't bubble up, so you must have burned yours pretty bad. I'm such a baby, I can't handle pain at all.