Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Parenting done right! Kiddo Mega Man Cosplay.

Kids Mega Man Cosplay

My kiddo made me proud when he asked to be Mega Man for his cosplay debut at his first comic con last year. Needless to say, we had to make something that he would be proud of as well. He got lots of fan love and also won Honorable Mention in the children's costume contest. And he loved every moment of it!

HELMET: This was by far the easiest part. It was also the reason and the base of the entire costume. I bought it for him this past Summer at A-kon 24. Here it is on Amazon. I just took that bad boy to the fabric store and found some matches.

JUMPSUIT: I used one of his long sleeve t-shirts, some pajama pants, and a pair of his shorts to to trace patterns and sewed those myself. For the shorts, I just used a slim piece of elastic I had laying around for the waistband. The best thing about the shirt: it doubled as a great long sleeve top for his Adventure Time Fin costume for Halloween.
That's him with the same shirt attacking his step-daddy :P

BOOTS: This was our first attempt using EVA foam. It consisted of 2 pieces (which were not attached, had so much trouble with it!), then I hot glued the fabric over them. The bottoms were left open, so the boots are simply covers that we slipped over his tennis shoes. I had attached an extra wide strap of elastic across the bottoms to keep them in place. It was just a lot of trial and error. Not sure if EVA foam was the best option for them, but they turned out great anyway.

The only complaint the kiddo had about the entire costume was that the boots were too difficult to walk in. He tripped in them once and that was the main reason he didn't want to wear this for Halloween.

MEGA BLASTER: We made the barrel out of EVA foam as well, then my husband added some LED light components he found at Radio Shack because, well come on, it HAS to be able to light up! It also had a handle inside of it made from a pen casing and there was a button attached so the kiddo could trigger the light himself.

The red fixture on the end was used from a few plastic things found in our dish cabinet. One of them was a lid from a Rubbermaid Twist & Seal container (pictured below) that I used for the kiddo's lunchbox. They were bought at Target. It was used as the base on the end to cover and protect the LEDs. The other red piece was some kind of red plastic circle we had in our lid drawer :S  Not sure what it went to but we found a purpose!
My husband left it at that but it needed a gauge or it was just unfinished to me! So I simply cut out a piece of yellow craft foam and used a ruler and a sharpie to draw straight lines on it, then simply hot glued it on.

And he was very proud of it! 

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