Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Baby" Halloween Pumpkin Idea for Daycare or Nursery.

A friend/co-worker's church put together a pumpkin patch this year and since I have never been to one (and to help them raise money), the kiddo and I made a trip last Friday to have some Fall fun!

I have been dying to make the "Baby" pumpkin for my Mom ever since I saw this on Pinterest. She doesn't get the chance to decorate much anymore and I thought this would be perfect for her daycare. She loved it! I think I may try it with a fake pumpkin so she will have one to set out every year.

The smallest pumpkin pictured was my kiddo's work and insisted it stayed in the picture. He was giddy about the tiny pumpkins and wanted to stick his purple vampire teeth in one. To give him "mean" eyes,  I let him use some red glitter glue I had laying around forever.

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Jennings said...

ha ha halloween looking really cute .
waiting for your next post.
Keep Updating.
Good work.