Friday, June 29, 2012

Canada Day Cupcakes with FREE Printable Flag Template.

Canada Day Cupcakes
Since my sweet hubby will have to celebrate Canada Day here in the States, I decided to have some festivities this coming Sunday to put a smile on his face :) We will be having my family over for lunch anyway so I figured, "Can't go wrong with cupcakes!"

I have so many ideas in mind: red velvet to cream stuffed or swirly red and white icing ideas...but I also have a budget and limited time. And the husband doesn't have a broad taste palet so I decided to go with simple chocolate chips cupcakes with red/white icing topped with Canadian Flags on toothpicks. I Google-searched high and low looking for free printable Canadian Flags but ended up with nothing. So I said it would be quicker to make them myself. And since I didn't find any fairly quick, I am posting them here to share!
Printable Canadian Flag template Cupcake Toppers
Click HERE to go to download page for the FREE printable template for Canada Day Cupcake Flag. Once there, click the Download button in the top left corner. (if any troubles with DL, let me know. I may have to tweak it later but for now this will do :)

Unfortunately, my printer wanted to run out of ink and so some of the flags are "Off-color." I say that because I don't' want to call them pink :p

Cupcake Flag Instruction instructions after printing the template above:

 1.) Cut down white line in center of the page.

2.) Then cut out the strips of flags. DON'T cut out each individual flag. You want two flags connected to each other. You will have 14 double flags in all.

3.) See that massive red block awkward block in the middle of the connected flags? That's where you want to fold it in half. Apply glue to back of paper, then wrap it around your toothpick. I made sure the ends opposite of the toothpick lines up, then smooshed the rest together to make it even.

The above pic is the result! Super cute!

Hope it helps! They were super easy and fun to make, decorate with, and enjoy for day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm in Australia and this was exactly what I was looking for (and had the same trouble finding them as you).

Lainy said...

Awesome! You're welcome! Hope you had no trouble printing them :)

Renee Yarhouse said...

That's funny I am in the US but need to make cupcakes with an Australian flag. Thank you for the template. I will download it and substitute an Australian flag.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you - this will be perfect for our celebrations tonight!!!

Erin said...

Hi I was wondering if you could re-post the link as I was unable to open it. We are in Australia and this would be perfect to go on top of muffins for my sons class international food day!
Thanks Erin :)