Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day "Heart Attack" For The Family!

Easy DIY Valentine's Idea
A sample of a few I made for my kiddo :) Photo by Lainy @ Geek & things
Such a neat idea inspired by Bakersfieldmom.com! They were so much fun to make and very inexpensive. With the kiddo having peanut and tree nut allergies, most valentine's candies are off limits. Not to mention we still have leftover candy from Halloween and Christmas so he is in no need of more sugary junk. It's always hard to decide what to do for him so that's why I have to search for ideas. That's when I saw this on Pinterest (go figure!). I made about 20 hearts for the kiddo and they were so much fun that I went on to make 20 more for the husband, too! And it was hard to stop at 20, I could have kept going. 
The project didn't cost me any extra money because I already had the supplies and it left a smile on my face when I was finished. 

The plan: I will scatter these all over the kiddo's door and all along my husband's side of the bedroom wall this morning. And when they wake up...SURPRISE! A "heart attack" full of wonderful things about them

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