Monday, September 20, 2010

I have discovered Mat Graham from Artificial Fear. Total Fan Now.

I was informed this morning by Mercy's Maid that the new L4D & L4D2 DLC called The Sacrifice is being released soon. First of all, {/excitement}! Second of all, it made me realized how much the real world has drained me of my precious Geekery. I am way behind! I'm still a big VG nerd and it's clear everyday (just ask my co-worker's, they think I'm weird), but between kindergarten, doctor's offices, work, wedding planning, FAAN fundraising, and everyday real life, I feel normal and it's effing depressing me. I mean, seriously. I've had Final Fantasy XIII in my home since the relase and I have yet to play it. And I miss Final Fantasy XI all-nighters... and playing Resident Evil till 3am.... I feel like a shell of my once full-blown dorky self. Now I'm signing up to for PTA and volunteering for classroom parties and going to bridal shops! Oh WTF!?


So in an effort to get back to being me, I checked out Geekologie and I came across this vid. Guy named Mat Graham made a remix of the Song of Storms from Zelda. Freakin' Awesome! So I checked him out on YouTube and I'm a total fan now. Gerudo Valley has always been on of my Fave Zelda songs and I like what he has done. His Bolero of Fire is awesome too. Oh yeah that reminds me, I haven't hit OC Remix lately ... EEEKK! I'm giddy now! And guess what else. I'll watch some Angry Nintendo Nerd, too. And start to FINALLY read the L4D comic "The Sacrifice." I think that will do it ...for today :)

Also, the L4D DLC will be released the day the finace and I board the plane to Las Vegas. Can you say, "Pack the Xbox, baby, we're ringin' in this marriage right!" 

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