Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sending Food Allergic Children to School

"Sending Food Allergic Children to School" is a great guide offered by Kids With Food Allergies to help prepare your food allergic child for school. Over the past two months I have been preparing my son to start Kindergarten and let me tell you, it's been an exciting and, at the same time, a nerve-racking experience. I am happy and scared at the same time. That's suppose to be normal right? HAHA! Well, along with backpacks, lunch boxes, school supplies, and teaching my kiddo all about "Stranger Danger," I also had to meet with his allergist to form a Food Allergy Action Plan, make sure Epipens/Twinjects are renewed, learn how to not share or trade snacks/lunch/drinks even when it looks like a safe food, and set up meetings with the school nurse and his teacher. The list goes on, like school parties. Ever since he was diagnosed at the age of one, I have been afraid that my child would have to sit out for the Christmas party or be the only child without a treat when someone brings cupcakes for their child's birthday. I refuse to put my child in a bubble and dealing with food allergies is all about education and having a backup plan. So I best be ready and stock up on some Cherrybrook Kitchen peanut-free/nut-free/egg-free/dairy-free cake mix! Which, by the way, are very delicious despite the "lack of" ingredients!


Mercy's Maid said...

You're such a good mama! Miss you on FB but I totally understand the need to take a break.

If you get a chance, look up The Colony on It reminds me so much of a real-life version of L4D (without the zombies), but I think the show would make a really cool video game.

It's in season 2 right now, but you can find the complete season 1 online in various places too.

Lainy Cakes said...

Why thanks! :D Compliments like that make me feel great!
Yeah, I kinda miss FB for my fundraising and blog posts, ya know, "get the word out" situations. But for the most part, I am loving not having it. I do Twitter tho!
You're not the only one that had told me that and I miss you guys too. But I feel FREEEEEE *bursts in song with the sound of muuuuusiiic*
Anywho, we'll be looking into The Colony. Sounds cool!