Saturday, January 10, 2009

Movie Review: The Unborn

....was so not worth \the money paid. The audience was funny as hell, all the screaming teens and tweens. The best part tho, I actually got to see someone get the crap scared out of them so bad that their popcorn went flying into the air! That alone was worth my time! As for the movie, there were a few parts that were kinda creepy, but I wouldn't care to see it again. 

Preview Review: Saw a trailer for a remake of The Last House on the Left. It was an old Wes Craven film from the 70's. I saw a clip of the old version on Bravo once...just a clip... and it was so disturbing that I lost sleep over it lol. I may wait till that comes out on DVD. The trailer for My Bloody Valentine looked cool tho. 

The Unborn, Copyright © 2008 by Rogue Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

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