Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to create an audiobook in iTunes.

I had Pride and Prejudice on my ipod and it was driving me crazy how it would play random chapters while my music was on shuffle. Also, the boyfriend added an audio CD on how to speak Japanese on my laptop so I could add that on my ipod, too. Although throwing in random Japanese lessons would be like a random pop quiz and may help me learn it better, it would still be annoying if I only wanted to listen to my music.

I knew there had to be a way to separate audiobooks from music, and I found it here. It's a great photo tutorial that guided me through it, and it was so simple! 

1. In iTunes, select and highlight all the audiobook files. 
2. Right click, the select "Get Info." (iTunes will ask you if you want to edit multiple files at once and just say yes.)
3. Click on the "Options" tab.
4. Check the "Media Kind" box, then from the drop down menu beside it, select "Audiobook."
5. On the same screen, check the "Remember Position" box, then select "Yes" from it's drop down menu also.
6. Then click on "OK" and there! You should have a section for "books" or "audiobooks" listed on your itunes Library menu!

The rest of the tutorial will show you how to add a graphic if you choose to do so. 
Hope it helps someone else, too!

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