Sunday, June 14, 2009

Treasures and Tribulations. Final Fantasy XI BCNM Fail.

Photo Date: 4-29-09, Balga's Dias BCNM Treasures and Tribulations. 

The sad results of us trying to fight the mimic in Treasures and Tribulations. I think I'm 1/4352532436523 on this one lol. Usually we send in the {Death Ray} (aka Kingray) to do the popping/dying. By the way, KO'd Tarus look so sad ; ; {/point} Akeda. Poor Tarutarus!

Kingray, Yensha, Destinye, Roddik, & Akeda from Kujata/Valefor.

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akedaffxi said...

Ohh hey I remember that night. We all thought we could kill the mimic, but things went horribly wrong and we all died.