Saturday, May 16, 2009

Final Fantasy XI Alchemist Apron to reappear at A-kon 20.

So the lolita costume project got dumped about a month back, but I did manage to work on a few things that have been irking me about that Final Fantasy XI Alchemist Apron. I tried the apron on last week and it was just horrible, the neck strap was just too short, the slits were upsetting me, and parts of it became misshapen after I HAND-WASHED it after A-kon last year. Grrr, stupid bias tape! I'm slowly starting to hate the stuff. But anyway, I'm still a few pounds heavier than A-kon last year, and I remember how horrible the pictures were. And after trying it on, I said no way! Aprons are very unflattering to begin with, especially for a girl with big bewbs.

However, the other day I threw on my Alchemist t-shirt for the heck of wearing it and wore it all day, even to pay my insurance and go grocery shopping. Yup, I'm that kind of nerd. And I love it! And it kinda got me motivated to fix the apron. I don't want to be at A-kon without a costume, now do I?! So I had to make new neck straps and fixed the belt loops (I have become a better seamstress over the past year!).

Now I just need to find a way to put my K-ray's name on the lilac corsage... So it can match the one he made me in game :P

Here's a link for more Alchemist Apron pics and details about how I made it-->

(Dang Ray, those logos look good!)

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