Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kid's imagine the darndest things! My son thought Hamburger Helper was made from Human Hands!

Yesterday morning, the kiddo and I were putting our jackets on and gathering our stuff when I pointed to the Hamburger Helper box on the counter and asked, "Do you want to have that for dinner?"

His first response while staring at the box was, "Yeah, is that macaroni and cheese?"

Me: "Well, it's kinda like mac and cheese, except it has hamburger meat too."
It was the 3 cheese with penne pasta kind. I'm kind of picky about Hamburger Helper myself. I won't eat it except for the Italian Lasagna, but I like penne. Throw in the "3-cheese" and I'm sold.

All the while, the kiddo was still examining the box. Then he says with a worried look on his face and said, "No Mommy, I don't want it."

"Why?" I asked, "Is it because of the hamburger meat?" The hamburger meat was always the reason why I never liked the stuff to begin with and I wasn't about to force him to eat it when I boycotted it throughout my own youth.

But the poor baby, lol. Do you know what he said? The reason why he didn't want to eat it after analyzing that box so carefully?

He said, "Because it's made out of hands!!!"

At that point all I could do was bust out laughing and give him the biggest hug ever! I assured him that it was definitely NOT made out of hands. I guess with the picture of the Helping Hand along with the penne pasta (that does kind of resemble fingers) made him assume it was made of hands.

Needless to say, I made it for myself and did not make him eat it. Kids and their innocent imaginations! That put a smile on my face for the rest of the day!


Mercy's Maid said...

Maybe he thought it was "HANDburger helper" :).

I like the cheeseburger macaroni kind but I never eat it anymore b/c Kevin's allergic to beef.

Lainy said...

I rarely make it b/c I'm not fond of ground beef.

~shannon said...

you know what you need to try? they're called homestyle bakes. we eat them on nights when i don't feel like cooking:) the chicken and biscuits and the chicken, potatoes, and biscuits are my favorites.

and joshie can rest assured that they are 100% hand free:)

Lainy said...
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Mercy's Maid said...

Do you have a crock pot? There's a cookbook series called Fix it and Forget it that's really good. There's even a lower calorie version of the book.

I love it when I can cook without actually having to watch something.

Lainy said...

My interest is peaked :O I want to see this low cal crock pot cookbook. I love crock pot dishes, and yes I have one :D

Mercy's Maid said...

I only have the regular one, but you can at least see what types of recipes you can make in a crock pot. I had no idea you could use them for more than just stew. :)