Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pyramid Collection refers to their "Plus Size" clothes as "Goddess" Sizes. HUZZAH!!

So now I'm a "Goddess?!" I love it! I got my latest Pyramid Collection catalog in the mail last week (*victory stance*) and as always, sooooo many pretty things! But what really caught my eye in this catalog was not an object. On every other page it says: "Goddess Sizes Available at No Extra Cost!"

O.O Eureka! I love it!
1.) Clothes were not referred to as "PLUS SIZES," they are referred to as GODDESS sizes.
2.) No extra cost for an XL or XXXXL! How AWESOME is that!!!

Just another reason why I love The Pyramid Collection. They won my affection and willingness to spend my entire paycheck by proclaiming my morbid deformity as divine beauty! (Someone call the NAAFA, we have a winner!)

Speaking of which, I think using the term "morbid" in that sense as a medical term is horrible, but I'm not getting on top of my soap box for that right now. My BMI is only one tick from being classified as clinically "Morbidly Obese." They can kiss my Goddess-sized left butt cheek.

Go shopping--> www.pyramidcollection.com. Right in the middle of the page is where they have a special section for "Goddess Plus Sizing." It does say "Plus," but I'm overlooking it now because they think I'm a Goddess!

I think I like this "me being a goddess" talk. Of course, the BF has referred to me as a Goddess too, that's how he got uber brownie points.

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Lainy said...

Sorry for the double posts. The websense at my job is a pain in the hiney. I had to text the wonderful Prince BF to help me fix my screw ups. Oh well, even Goddesses make mistakes :)