Thursday, March 26, 2009

DIY Sewing Machine Cover Using Scrap Fabric.

I've been working on a few projects these past few weekends but haven't had the chance to post any of it yet. So here's one of my first projects after I finished my Loli Bloomers: A Sewing Machine Cover.

I got tired of putting my sewing machine in the box everyday, or leaving it sitting out on my desk collecting dust in between weekend projects. And since A-kon is just around the corner, I wanted to keep my machine ready at a moment's notice so I can sit down and get to crackin' whenever I could.

I had some awesome remnant flannel fabric that was just sitting in my sewing trunk. It was too small for anything else, but I just loved the design. So I worked with it and viola! Here it is:

Here's a brief explanation on how I did it:
I couldn't make the remnant fit properly, it was really long but not wide enough to cover the whole thing. This is what it looked like:

But luckily I just learned how to make ruffles! So those could give me the extra length I needed to cover it completely in the front and back.
I measured how much would cover the sewing machine, then I trimed off the extra length and set it aside for ruffles. Next I postioned it on my sewing machine, centered it, then pinned along all 4 sides to make long darts for an almost snug fit. I didn't get any cool pics of all that, but if you know about darts, then I'm sure you get the gist. If not, then watch this vid that taught me how to sew darts last year. This is what my finished darts looked like:

Once the darts were finished, I took the remaining piece and cut it in half  lengthwise and made the ruffles. Then I sewed once ruffle on the front, and then one on the back (there was enough length on the sides to make sort of a 'lip,' so no ruffle was needed there). Then it was finished!

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Yay! Looks good. And that fabric is SO you. :)

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